Aztec Gold Round Labret with Turquoise

Circa 1300-1500 A.D. Mexico.

posted in the deadly city

posted in the deadly city

at my lil sisters birthday party and
the kids are fascinated with my face, they all took turns putting their fingers through my eyelets lol

hey mom thanks for making me feel like complete shit :(

Finished my first week at Anatometal!

…and it’s definitely been a challenge. My back and fingers are killing me and I’ve got polish compound in ever orifice on my face. That said, it’s been great. I love my coworkers and I love my supervisors. Everyone I’ve met is incredibly nice and welcoming; they treat me like family. The work is hard but satisfying, and I get to play with beautiful jewelry all day. I’m really looking forward to working here and can’t wait to see what the future brings.

Show us your Prince Albert, princess.

Not for anons yo

look at what my housemate makes

look at what my housemate makes